Unmatched Project Management

Each of our clients has a dedicated project manager (PM) that will work with the client from the very beginning of the relationship. The PM will shepherd you through the customization and configuration process, the collection process, the review process, the scheduling process, all conference needs, program and abstract printing, and then post-conference production, such as XML tagging. We average ten years’ experience among our project managers. Our PMs will be strong software support, but also a virtual member of your team. Your PM will bring multiple solutions to each challenge that you face.


Fixed pricing

Many of our competitors do not have their own developers on staff so if anything off proposal comes up, you have to pay more, including for reporting. Mira has its own staff developers, which allows for us to make the necessary changes in house. We will only revisit price if additional projects that are very different from the Statement of Work come up. In this case, there will be a new spec sheet, Statement of Work and separate agreements, as needed.


Tailored Solution

Mira has the ability to fully tailor our software starting with our base site. In cloud computing terms, we are in one sense a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider and in another sense a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider since we are the ones who modify the platform. Each of our clients has software specifically designed for them. They wait for no updates or new releases but get exactly the solution they want.