Simple and Clear Submission  (Abstract/Material Submission) 

MiraSMART allows you to easily customize the abstract/paper/poster submission process. Your authors and presenters will love the resulting simple and clear process. You decide how you would like to receive submissions and reviewers have full online access to them.  Your eviewers will be happy to avoid carrying around bulky piles of paper!  

  • Choosing whether an abstract will be uploaded and/or copy-and-pasted.
  • Uploaded file formats:  PDF, Word, Pages, LaTex, PowerPoint, etcor even the occasional Word Perfect format.
  • A user-friendly WYSIWYG editor that makes abstract submission and editing a breeze.
  • An easily created Author profile and login/logout that remembers where they left off in the submission process.  The profile information will automatically be added to your admin dashboard for easy communication, list building, scheduling and targeted sharing with reviewers and other stakeholders.
  • Easy functionality that label authors “submitters,” or “speakers,” or whatever custom role you need.
  • Administrators can choose to charge a submission fee. The software can automatically accept credit card payments for deposit into your bank account.

Social Media Management

With MiraSMART you can post content on your social  media platforms as well as interact with your followers. You will be able to engage your followers on a consistent basis and create more visibility and loyalty for your event.

  • Post content specific to your event on your social platforms.
  • Engage prospective and prior attendees to build a strong and healthy social community for your event.
  • Monitor of all platforms, allowing you to respond to comments, messages and posts.
  • Connect with other pages, communities and users to promote increased visibility for your event.


An engaged attendee is more likely to return to your event the next year.  MiraSMART gives     your attendees the tools to reach maximum engagement by helping them to coordinate     itineraries and design a conference experience that matches their interests.

•    Web-based personalized itinerary planner
•    Accessible via browsing or search feature


Peer Review (Reviewer Tools)

MiraSMART is fully customizable for your reviewer needs, so there is no confusion over terms   such as “abstract” vs. “paper” or “author” vs. “speaker.”  You select the titles and terms that best fit your workflow.  This gives you a simple, intuitive peer review process that easily progresses from submission through scoring and eventual approval.  Progress in the review process can easily be assessed via powerful visual analytical tools.  

Reviewers will love the customizable options, which include the following:

  • Graphical analytics showing you exactly where each author and reviewer is in the submission and review process.
  • Quick, efficient and hassle-free communication with any and all stakeholders.
  • Integration with your established workflow.  Mira is flexible enough to meet your organization’s needs and powerful enough to adapt to your changing and growing needs.
  • Scoring biases can be quickly identified with built-in intelligent visual reviewer analytics.


Complete Session Control (Session Proposal and Review)

MiraSMART provides a single, powerful tool for complete session management. During the entire process – session creation, call for proposals, the review process, sharing and    communication – we have you covered.  

One of the keys to your conference success is great communication. MiraSMART connect all      the right people to the correct documents with one simple mouse click. You don't have to tediously create groups and mailing lists, MiraSMART does the work for you! Every document  and every presenter can easily be linked and their progress tracked so you avoid presentations falling through the cracks.
There’s no middleman between the presenter and the session manager with MiraSMART. Presenters and session managers can stay in contact throughourbuilt-in messaging tools. New session ideas can be proposed and details can be reviewed, saving time and improving conference planning efficiency and decision-making.

•    Session proposer works directly with presenters on details and execution
•    Ability to email and track progress with presenters within the module
•    Configurable to support any managed review, editing and decision workflow
•    Ease of access to presenter data within the module


MiraSMART helps you go from abstracts to a printable conference schedule with a fast, easy, intuitive dashboard.  You can create a master schedule, coordinate presenters, as well as define tracks, and organize venues.

 A user-friendly graphic dashboard displays intuitive tracking data to help manage authors,  reviewers and chairs. Your frustration level and the specter of task complexity is replaced by a beautiful, elegant experience designed to make you look and feel like a hero.

•    Conference organizers can create a master schedule for the event
•    Scheduling and programming Information may be formatted to customized templates
•    Organizers are notified of scheduling conflicts
•    Integrated access to Authors data and submission information
•    Standard and customizable reporting available

Content Services

Your proceedings are one of the most important products of your conference.  MiraSMART  hosts your proceedings files for as long as you choose.  Three levels of security redundancy     ensures your conference content will be safe, secure and ready for access anytime, anywhere. Mira provides automatic transfer to a secondary onsite RAID server, daily tape backups with offsite storage, and weekly backups to the Cloud.

    Some of our content services include:

  • Archival copies of content and conference proceedings available 24/7 through our secure web portal
  • Content and abstract collections are searchable and retrievable on demand
  • Proceedings can be published and distributed prior to or during your event in exactly the format your attendees expect: in the cloud, on a memory stick, as a poster, or in a beautifully printed book.

Additional Modules

indexSMART: Content and data management
•    Archival copy of all data, content and conference proceedings
•    Customized search platform allows browsing of content by different criteria
•    Embedded links with searchable content is standard; XML tagging may be added as requirements dictate

librarySMART: Content storage and data management
•    Archival copy of all data, content and conference proceedings
•    Data backed up and secure, but accessible when necessary
•    Fully searchable to retrieve content; XML tagging available as needed

posterSMART: Poster Upload, Printing, and Delivery
•    Convenient and economical distributions of posters to the attendees at the Conference
•    Ability of Conference Organizers to provide value while retaining portions of the revenues

miraEXPRESS: Submission/Peer Review for smaller conferences
•    Perfect for those with a tech-savvy staff
•    Still configurable to specific conference needs
•    Basic reporting
•    Fully scalable and integrates seamlessly with the existing Mira Product line
•    Help Desk and customizations are available on an ala carte basis
•    Many of the same features as the existing Mira Product line at an affordable price